Life is too short to be controlled - part 2

Saturday 30 October 2010
( 3pm at Piccadilly Circus / corner of Coventry Street )

"Life is too short to be controlled - Part II", a protest against internal and external borders. The protest will take place in London on Saturday 30 October 2010, gathering at 3pm at Piccadilly Circus ( corner of Coventry Street/Haymarket ) and then off towards the UK border at St Pancras.

- Watch the video trailer.

What is this about?

While the migration regime is fortifying itself and setting up rings of defence around European wealth, inner control is tightening to keep public order, at a time where the nation state already seems to be a dead corpse. And with an economy which exploits the most virtual property, the need to control even the remotest parts of people's lives is increasing.

We believe that both external borders and interior surveillance are following the same principles: Movement of people is supposed to be monitored and channeled to maintain the "status quo", according to economic needs, to keep the idea of a nation state as a cultural and economic community alive. This can only be changed if we challenge both national borders and "internal" surveillance at the same time, and if we accept people's autonomy to live their life how and where they want to.

Why part II

Similar to the first protest in January 2010, the second "Life is too short ..." demonstrations will connect two locations in London which are symbolic places of both the border regime and surveillance. For more information about the January demonstration see here.

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Life is too short - part 2, the video: