Inside Campsfield Detention Centre

Report from visitors to a detainee on Wednesday afternoon 4 August 2010 :

BC [the detainee] affirmed that some 180 detainees in Campsfield are standing together in the hunger strike.

He also affirmed that organisers had made clear to everyone that any kind of violent behaviour such as breaking windows, damaging property or attempting to break out would not be tolerated. Their action was directed at the manifold injustice of the Asylum and Immigration system and to get a proper response from its authorities in the Ministry and Government.

[video] Blockade of the Detention centre Lesquin

Blockade of the Lesquin Detention Centre in France during the Noborder Camp in Calais, June 2007.

[video] Demonstration in Crawley, NoBorder Camp 2007

Final demonstration to Tinsley House detention centre at the end of the Noborder Camp at Gatwick airport, September 2007. [ 13:18 min ]

[video] Hello Crawley, 2007

"Welcome demonstration" on the first day during the Noborder Camp at Gatwick Airport, September 2007.

[video] Arora Hotel Protest, 2009

Protest at the Arora Hotel in Heathrow against the companies plans to convert a Hotel at Gatwick Airport into an "Immigration Centre".

[video] Serco Speakout, 2010

Speakout at the offices of SERCO in support of the hungerstrikers in Yarl's Wood detention centre, which is run by SERCO.

[video] Policing the Border , London 2010

NoBorders protest at the "Policing the borders" conference in London, a joint conference of FRONTEX, Metropolitan Police and the UK Borders Agency."