PRESS RELEASE: London NoBorders condemns suppression of free speech by Metropolitan Police


London NoBorders condemns suppression of free speech by Metropolitan Police

The website, the website of civil rights initiative
"Fitwatch"[1], has been shut down on behalf of the London Metropolitan
Police. "Fitwatch" aims to report police surveillance of public protest,
especially as done by the Forward Intelligence Team (FIT).

In a request send to, the US-based provider of the
website,the police stated that the website is "committing offences of
attempting to pervert the Course of Justice under Common Law." However,
without exactly specifying what part of material on the website the
Metropolitan Police has a problem with, the police requested the provider
"to de-host this website for a minimum period of 12 months." It appears
that has followed up on this request, although it remains
unclear in how far any common UK law can be "perverted" in the US. Such an
extensive request, to shut down a whole website for at least a year
without a court decision, seems unprecedented.

Metropolitan Police closes down Fitwatch Website

Last night the Met police shut down the Fitwatch blog, citing it was "being used to undertake criminal activities". However, London NoBorders believes that the request to shut down the blog is rather serving the aim to silence one of the best known police-critical websites.

Update: the website has now found a new hosting provider and is back online.

Forward Intelligence Team was not authorised to monitor NoBorders Meeting. Protestors acquitted in Crown Court.

(press release by London NoBorders)
London NoBorders welcomes the Crown Court decision to clear three activists of the charges of "obstructing the police".  The Inner London Crown Court ruled that police surveillance of a public political meeting had not been proved to be lawful and that the police had failed to provide any evidence that they were pursuing a "legitimate aim". 

Three activists were arrested at the meeting called by London NoBorders in June 2008 when they protested against the surveillance of the meeting by the Metropolitan Police's "Forward Intelligence Team."