The persecution of Roma - Infonight - 28/09/10

In the last few weeks we have seen a terrifying attack on the Roma in France. Led by President Sarkozy himself, the French state has declared war on the Roma population, both recent arrivals from Eastern Europe and Roma who have lived in France for generations. There have been highly publicised eviction raids on Roma and Gypsy settlements with mass deportations to Eastern European countries. The language used by the French state is the same as that of Vichy when they rounded up Jews for the concentration camps. This has polarised French opinion and thousands came out to demonstrate in solidarity with the Roma across France.

Demonstration against evictions of Roma, French Embassy, 04/09/10

The Irish Traveller Movement in Britain is calling for a demo at 1pm on Saturday 4th September outside the French Embassy (58 Knightsbridge) against the recent policies of the French Government, which have resulted in families with children as young as 2 weeks old being evicted with less than 30 minutes notice to gather their things and left homeless on the streets of France. Others have been packed onto planes with no choice and sent back to their home countries. Some of the Roma have lived in France all their lives.

Stop Racist Government Attacks on Roma People in Italy

12 Noon Friday 3rd October 2008

Demonstrate at the Italien Tourist Board
1 Princes Street, London W1B 2AY(near Oxford Circus)