Disturbance at Morton Hall IRC, 30/11/11

[Source: http://www.no-deportations.org.uk]

The following is a statement from the detainees at Morton Hall IRC in Lincolnshire:

We the detainees were subject to Lock down on 30/11/2011 earlier then usual time as some detainee peacefully protested by the astro (Football ) where detainee protested as earlier on 30/11/2011 detainee Vassell were allegedly attacked by gang of officer and taken to RFA.

During the protest about 30 detainee stayed out for 30 minutes then the detainees came to individual room.

Early in the morning of 01/12/2011 we were given first of the notice to detainee to our shock it stated an attempted escape were discovered and 2 member of staff were assaulted.

Then through out the day detainees were taken to different HMP (Namly Lincoln and Nottingham and other HMP)

Only 2 detainees were sent to different detention centre one to Dover and one to Colnbrook.

Such was Unlawful lock up against detention service order authorised by the parliament.

***** on behalf of detained detainees

Solidarity demo at Oakington immigration prison, 18/04/10

In the early hours of Thursday morning this week a 40 year old detainee died at Oakington immigration prison (just outside Cambridge). While the cause is not known, other detainees reported that he had been refused medical attention despite complaining of feeling unwell on Wednesday. One source told the Guardian newspaper that the man, who is thought to have had a heart attack, had asked for Panadol repeatedly and was seen

Death in Oakington immigration prison, Thursday 14th April

At 4am on Thursday 15th April a 40 year-old Kenyan man detained at Oakington immigration prison near Cambridge died after being refused medical care by G4S staff.

There were day-long protests and a stand-off between detainees and police following the death. More than 180 detainees broke through the gates of one of the detention centre's compounds and occupied a courtyard, preventing police and coroners officials entering the room where the man's body lay. 60 of the "ringleaders" of the protest have now been moved to other detention centres and prisons.