Activists blockade mass Tamil deportation, 15/12/11

Stop Deportation activists have struck at the heart of the Government’s
“unjust deportation machine” and halted the planned removal of Tamil
refugees to Sri Lanka.

Five campaigners blocked the road outside Colnbrook and Harmondsworth
immigration prisons with ‘lock-on’ devices and a tripod shortly after

They are joined by many more supporters, including members of the Tamil

See Indymedia report here.

Chamada para a No Borders Convergence, Londres, de 13 a 18 de Fevereiro de 2012.

O grupo NoBorders de Londres, junto com os alunos da Universidade Goldsmiths e outros grupos, está organizando uma semana de “convergência” a ser realizada entre os dias 13 e 18 de Fevereiro de 2012, em Londres. O intuito é nos reunir para compartilhar os conhecimentos e experiências relacionados a liberdade de circulação das pessoas e os problemas e restrições causados por isso, dividir habilidades, nos conectar, criar estretégias e agir.

London NoBorders: history

The following is a brief history of London NoBorders:


People involved in the April 2nd organising committee from the 2004 European Social Forum and the Make Borders History protest at the G8 in Scotland come together to form London No Borders. The group begins by focusing mainly on anti-deportation campaigns and supporting undocumented workers. Late in the year there are several pickets outside Communications House reporting centre in Old Street.

Campaign against Barnardo's involvement in migrant detention

Barnardo's concert In March 2011 children's charity Barnardo's announced that they would run "play facilities" at the new Cedars "pre-departure accommodation centre" imprisoning migrants near Gatwick airport in Sussex.

The prison opened in September 2011 and security is managed by the infamous G4S, who have been involved in countless abuses of migrants in the UK and beyond in recent years.

Dale Farm & TSN benefit party, 10/12/11

Sat Dec 10, 8pm until Sun Dec 11, 8am

An all-nighter of bands, comedy, spoken word, politics and DJs.

Venue: South London. For more details phone partyline: 07530910145, which will be activated from 6pm on the 10th

The Traveller Solidarity Network has evolved from the group supporting Dale Farm, uniting with travellers for the first time ever to resist evictions around the country, using direct action and radical politics. We don´t have 18 million pounds, and every now and then we have to buy things. Come and show your support for this historically ignored antifascist struggle.

Travellers Solidarity Network protest at Coronet pub, Islington, 09/12/11

People attending a conference of the Irish Travellers Movement in Britain were barred from entering the Coronet pub, a Wetherspoons establishment, next to the Resource Centre in Holloway Road where the conference was held. Even a police inspector who had spoken to the conference was prevented from entering with other people who had attended the conference. People who had been at a completely different event at the Resource Centre were barred because they were suspected of having attended the Travellers conference.

Disturbance at Morton Hall IRC, 30/11/11


The following is a statement from the detainees at Morton Hall IRC in Lincolnshire:

We the detainees were subject to Lock down on 30/11/2011 earlier then usual time as some detainee peacefully protested by the astro (Football ) where detainee protested as earlier on 30/11/2011 detainee Vassell were allegedly attacked by gang of officer and taken to RFA.

During the protest about 30 detainee stayed out for 30 minutes then the detainees came to individual room.

Early in the morning of 01/12/2011 we were given first of the notice to detainee to our shock it stated an attempted escape were discovered and 2 member of staff were assaulted.

Then through out the day detainees were taken to different HMP (Namly Lincoln and Nottingham and other HMP)

Only 2 detainees were sent to different detention centre one to Dover and one to Colnbrook.

Such was Unlawful lock up against detention service order authorised by the parliament.

***** on behalf of detained detainees