Demo, revolt, fire and escape at Brussels detention centre

20 Feb 2011: Activists held a solidarity action outside the Steenockerzeel 123bis detention centre in Brussels this afternoon. Inside, prisoners took
matters into their own hands and started a revolt which led to one
escape and a wing destroyed by fire. Currently the area is shut down
by police.

PRESS RELEASE (Brussels No Border camp): Activists file complaint against illegal preventative arrests

30/09/10, for immediate release

On Wednesday 29th September, an international demonstration took place in Brussels against the new European directives on economic austerity. According to our estimates 300 participants of the No Border Camp, which is taking place throughout the week in Brussels, were arrested preventatively at different locations in the city, on their way to the demonstration. A group of Brussels lawyers have prepared a complaint which is being delivered on Friday, demanding that free expression of opinion must be respected as a democratic right.

Detention and deportation of undocumented migrants in Belgium

Since a migration stop has been announced in 1974, the gateway for foreign workers in Belgium has been shut almost completely.

Meanwhile almost nothing has been done to build up a modern migration policy. All political parties have however, been pushing to develop a new migration policy, mainly because it would be an opportunity to execute an effective deportation policy. Nowadays the frustration of politicians is growing over the inability of the government to deport the tens of thousands undocumented migrants out of the country. The latest campaign of regularisation was a prelude to a much bigger game: a new migration policy with clear criteria to designate who is not welcome and how to smoothly deport those unwelcome migrants out of our society .

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