Radical History: Resistance in the UK's Detention Centres

Asylum-seekers and migrants who have been locked up indefinitely by the British state are carrying out one of the most sustained fight-backs in the UK in recent years. Three major detention centres have been destroyed, forcing the government to release hundreds of detainees. Hunger-strikes, occupations, naked protests, dirty protests and successful break-outs involving tens and hundreds of detainees have become a regular feature of immigration detention.

Protests in detention centres are often ignored by the mainstream media and also by political activists. London No Borders invites you to an info night to discuss why this is the case and to raise awareness of detention centre protests as one of the front lines of current political resistance. The primary aim is not to plan future actions but to discuss what has happened already and why it has had such a low profile. We particularly welcome ex-detainees who witnessed or participated in detention centre protests and ex-prisoners who could relate this issue to prisoners' struggles.