[video] Demonstration in Crawley, NoBorder Camp 2007

Final demonstration to Tinsley House detention centre at the end of the Noborder Camp at Gatwick airport, September 2007. [ 13:18 min ]

Abolish immigration prisons! film night and cafe @ Ramparts, Friday 20th March

Film night and cafe @ Ramparts, Friday 20th March
@ Rampart , 15 -17 Rampart Street,
London E1 2LA (nearest tube Whitechapel)
From 5 pm

- report and hopefully some film on Tuesday's blockade of Tinsley House
immigration prison, against a charter deportation to Iraq
- tea, coffee and vegan cakes available.
- Films from No Borders demos against detention

Activists blockade Tinsley House Detention Centre to stop Charter Deportation

Anti-deportation campaigners tried to stop the collective expulsion of approximately 50 Iraqi refugees from the UK today . Campaigners locked themselves to the gate of Tinsley House detention centre at Gatwick airport, where some of the deportees are being held, in an attempt to prevent the forcible deportation.