Abolish immigration prisons! film night and cafe @ Ramparts, Friday 20th March

Film night and cafe @ Ramparts, Friday 20th March
@ Rampart , 15 -17 Rampart Street,
London E1 2LA (nearest tube Whitechapel)
From 5 pm

- report and hopefully some film on Tuesday's blockade of Tinsley House
immigration prison, against a charter deportation to Iraq
- tea, coffee and vegan cakes available.
- Films from No Borders demos against detention

+ updates and films on recent struggles for freedom of movement in
Europe, outisde and inside the detention centres, including a
deportation centre recently destoyed by fire at Lampedusa south of

+ acoustic music (jam session, bring an instrument)

( finish early(ish) to encourage people to go to bed and rise Saturday
morning to go to the demo at Yarl's Wood. Coach is booked out, but train
group tickets available at the modic price of £ 9 each
see: http://london.noborders.org.uk/yarlswood2009 )