Global migration news

6000 dead and nothing said: 'Of a total 37,000 migrants who in 2006 tried to reach Spain's Canary Islands from Africa, an estimated 6,000 died on the perilous sea voyage, making the death toll close to one in six, according to Spanish officials. Immigration services say they recovered 600 bodies but reckon the actual death toll is ten times higher. A total 31,000 migrants survived the journey, the officials said'. More details here.

Shut Harmondsworth and Colnbrook Detention Centres


11.30 am SATURDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2007

They are moving. They are crossing mountains, rivers and oceans. Risking their lives in leaving their homes, crossing borders and in entering the UK. Asking for a place to exist and to live with dignity. Yet people who flee poverty, war and injustice throughout the world are deemed illegal – forced to work for low wages in precarious conditions and locked in detention centres, deprived of their freedom to move.

February Demonstration

There will be a demonstration at Harmondsworth & Colnbrook Detention Centres (they are next door to each other) on Saturday 10th February. The call for this has come from London No Borders, but we want to make it a huge event. We have already started approach other organisations about this.

Kalyx Demonstration

No Borders London has called another demonstration at the headquarters of Kalyx, the private company that runs Harmondsworth immigration detention centre. We will be demanding that closure of the centre and supporting the detainees who demonstrated in defence of their freedom in late November.

Details: Monday 18th December, 4:30 - 5:30pm at Kalyx, 25 Chapel Street, NW1 5DH (Edgware Road Tube Station).

Extracts from What really happenened at Harmondsworth? - article in the Guardian this week:

Migrant workers terrorized in States

Report from UFCW Union:

United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) members working in Swift and Company meatpacking plants are reporting that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents marched into plants Thursday morning with military weapons, herding, segregating, and terrorizing workers. Plants and plant gates were locked down.

Oakington Protests

We received this report yesterday of a protest at Oakington detention centre in Cambridgeshire:

Detainees in Oakington Reception Centre have been protesting through out the day, numbers of them assembled outside the canteen and refused to enter for meals and there was apparently a stand off between detainees and guards. Problems the long term detainees say have been exacerbated by sudden overcrowding with detainees being moved from Campsfield to make room for detainees from Harmondsworth.

Cleaners Pickets

From Justice for Cleaners/T&GWU:

Yesterday we demonstrated outside clients of Mitie and Greencrest, including the Bank of England and ING. Mitie and Greencrest still haven't signed the agreement other cleaning companies have signed. They still pay cleaners poverty wages without sick pay or holiday pay and they won't recognise cleaners' union rights.