Cleaners Pickets

From Justice for Cleaners/T&GWU:

Yesterday we demonstrated outside clients of Mitie and Greencrest, including the Bank of England and ING. Mitie and Greencrest still haven't signed the agreement other cleaning companies have signed. They still pay cleaners poverty wages without sick pay or holiday pay and they won't recognise cleaners' union rights.

We'll be continuing the actions this week until they sign, and we'd love you to come join us. Meet 12:30 today, Wednesday and Thursday at Transport House, 128 Theobalds Road, near Holborn Station. Demonstrations will continue at a series of locations until around 5pm. To find out where we're likely to be at any given time, ring or text 07900 405 787.

At the weekend The Guardian published an investigation into working conditions for migrant cleaners in hotels at Heathrow and Gatwick. See: A Dirty Business.,,1966414,00.html