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Arora International Campaign

London NoBorders vs Arora Hotels - what happened so far

Part I - 2009/2010

The first "Arora Campaign" was ran from autumn 2009 until January 2010 by various NoBorders groups against the plans of the Arora Hotel Group to turn their four star hotel at Gatwick into a detention centre. ( Indymedia Video | BBC Video and Interview )

PRESS RELEASE: Arora Hotels Back in Deportation Business

( London NoBorders, Monday 31 January 2011 ) London NoBorders has received information that the hotel Company Arora International [1] has started a second attempt to make money from the Home Office's deportation business. The company plans to use the site of a residential school for children with behavioural and learning difficulties in Pease Pottage, Crawley, Sussex owned by the Arora Group
subsidiary "The Crossroads Childrens (sic) Education Services Ltd.",
into an immigration detention facility. It is the second attempt by Arora Hotels to extend their business into detention following the company's failure to gain planning permission to turn one of their hotels in Crawley into a holding facility for immigrants in 2010. [2] Crawley Forest School has been told to vacant the property by 1 April 2011.

[video] Demonstration in Crawley, NoBorder Camp 2007

Final demonstration to Tinsley House detention centre at the end of the Noborder Camp at Gatwick airport, September 2007. [ 13:18 min ]

[video] Hello Crawley, 2007

"Welcome demonstration" on the first day during the Noborder Camp at Gatwick Airport, September 2007.

[video] Arora Hotel Protest, 2009

Protest at the Arora Hotel in Heathrow against the companies plans to convert a Hotel at Gatwick Airport into an "Immigration Centre".

[video] Protest against WH Tours , Crawley

Protest against WH Tours , Crawley, a company which hires coaches for mass deportations, used to transport detainees from detention centres to airports.