What are immigration reporting centres?

Most asylum seekers in the UK are forced to 'sign on' at a nearby immigration reporting centre on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly). This involves finger-printing and re-activating their biometric ID cards. Many have to travel long distances and spend a significant amount of the already little money they are given on bus fares. There is no justification for all this hardship and humiliation other than the immigration authorities' wish to make life more miserable for refugees and migrants so that they give up and leave, as well as deterring others from coming here.

Beckett House and Communications House demos, 1st June

As part of the European Week of Action Against The Deportation Machine, there will be demos at both London's reporting centres on Tuesday 1st June.

1pm-2pm: Communications House, 210 Old Street (off Old Street roundabout), EC1V 9BR . Picket organised by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! For more info see here.

Demo at Communications House, 02/03/10

Demo at Communications House Reporting Centre in London in solidarity with the Yarl's Wood hunger strikers and all asylum seekers.

Tuesday 2nd March, 1-2pm

Communications House, 210 Old Street (corner of Mallow Street, off Old Street roundabout), London, EC1V 9BR

Demo called by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!.

Read full call out here.