Calling out to all activists and legal observers - Dale Farm eviction expected 19/09/11

***Mustering point - Saturday 17th Sept, London Liverpool Street station, meet 11am, for the 11:13 train to Wickford. We will meet you at Wickford station with transport to the site***

If you can't make it you can support in another way, we are in desperate need of funds. Please donate!

The background

Dale farm in Essex, a former scrap yard which is now home to 90 Traveller families, is under threat of imminent eviction. To find out more check out the website. The eviction will make 400 people homeless, and will devastate the brilliant and close-knit community at Dale Farm, breaking up families, pulling children from schools, and denying the elderly and sick vital community and health care. Basildon Council and the Coalition government have pledged between them to spend £18million wrecking the lives of Dale Farm families. Legal routes for stopping the eviction are almost exhausted; we need people to help stop the eviction now!

The eviction has been set for 19th Sept and could last over a week, perhaps weeks. The police can raid the site before this date and the more people on site the better protection we can provide and the more chance we have of preventing the cruel and brutal planned eviction of Dale Farm.

Dale farm residents are calling on supporters to come to Dale Farm as far in advance of that date as possible to help them stop the eviction. Residents have invited us to set up a base, dubbed ‘Camp Constant’. Launched in August, 2011, it is a mass gathering of national and international supporters of the Dale Farm community. Activists are supporting the Travellers in defending their homes and community.

As the eviction date looms, we are in constant need of more and more people. There's many different ways of getting involved – we need medics, legal observers, site defenders, cooks, etc.. More people are needed on all fronts.

Please sign up for txt alerts, as we can’t trust the council not to try an early eviction.

Dale Farm families could be evicted from midnight tonight

Info from the Dale Farm Solidarity campaign, Wednesday 31st August:

A last ditch effort to stop the eviction at the High Courts has just been turned down. This means that anytime after midnight tonight, Dale Farm could face the bulldozers. Dale Farm residents are defiant, refusing to leave their homes, and supporters from the UK and across Europe are standing with them.

An eviction attempt is expected anytime in September. Please come to Camp Constant at Dale Farm to spend some nights here and sign up to the sms eviction alert system. Dale Farm is only 30 minutes by train from London Liverpool Street Station. The atmosphere at Dale Farm is inspiring -- for some video of residents and supporters celebrating and learning together, see here.

Demo against the eviction of 90 traveller familes, 10/09/11

Demonstrate on Saturday Sept 10 against the £18 million eviction of 90 Traveller families from their homes at Crays Hill, Essex.

The eviction is likely to happen early in September and if it happens before September 10th, we will march to Dale Farm immediately.

Demonstration against evictions of Roma, French Embassy, 04/09/10

The Irish Traveller Movement in Britain is calling for a demo at 1pm on Saturday 4th September outside the French Embassy (58 Knightsbridge) against the recent policies of the French Government, which have resulted in families with children as young as 2 weeks old being evicted with less than 30 minutes notice to gather their things and left homeless on the streets of France. Others have been packed onto planes with no choice and sent back to their home countries. Some of the Roma have lived in France all their lives.

Support Dale Farm - film night Tuesday 2nd March

Dale Farm is a traveller site in Crays Hill, Essex which is home to over 1,000 people.

It was established in the 1970s by Basildon District Council but is now due to be evicted after the same council awarded the notorious Constant & Co a multi-million pound eviction contract in December.

On Tuesday 2nd March at 7pm we will be showing a number of films about Dale Farm and the eviction of traveller sites, and will be discussing how we can support the struggle against the eviction.

Protest against Dale Farm eviction

On Thursday 10th December, 7.30pm, outside Basildon Centre

PROTEST RALLY to coincide with meeting of Basildon Council's Cabinet to select one of two bailiff firms (one being Constant & Co.) for the Dale Farm eviction operation: And to call upon subcontracting companies G.Moore Haulage and WFL Recovery  not to take part in the eviction. 
OR if they do to ensure no children are present when their machines and vehicles enter the site - as required by safety law and requested by the UK Children's Commissioner.

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