Life is too short to be controlled - part 2

Saturday 30 October 2010
( 3pm at Piccadilly Circus / corner of Coventry Street )

"Life is too short to be controlled - Part II", a protest against internal and external borders. The protest will take place in London on Saturday 30 October 2010, gathering at 3pm at Piccadilly Circus ( corner of Coventry Street/Haymarket ) and then off towards the UK border at St Pancras.

- Watch the video trailer.

[video] Amey: Julio and Pedro

Documentary about Amey Inc. and the fight for migrant workers rights.

"Days of Action against the Racist Press" , METRO did not like it.

It appears that as part of the "Days of Action against the Racist Press" some people have distrubuted a freesheet called "metr0" all over London last Friday which shared some similarities with the well known "METRO free newspaper", which is published by Associated Newspapers Ltd, who are also behind the "Daily Mail". The newspaper featured a headline stating that "Gordon Brown is to be deported to Scotland" and other articles related to racism in the British press.

[video] Policing the Border , London 2010

NoBorders protest at the "Policing the borders" conference in London, a joint conference of FRONTEX, Metropolitan Police and the UK Borders Agency."

[video] Protest at the French Consulate, London

Protest at the French consulate in London against the police raid of the Kronstadt Hangar, a social space for migrants and activists, in Calais.

Demonstration at the French Consulate in London, Tuesday 9th February

London NoBorders and No Borders Brighton call for a demonstration at the French Consulate in London (opposite the National History Museum on Cromwell Road) to protest against the repression of the new Kronstadt Hangar project in Calais by the French authorities.

Time: Tuesday, 9th February, 12.30pm,
Venue: French Consulate , 27 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EN

Please bring banners and instruments.