Updates from the Kronstadt Hangar, Calais, 7th February

update 7th february 5pm: french police has raided the Kronstadt Hangar, breaking the doors.

from calais migrant solidarity: About 12.30 French time today everyone was in the No Borders/Kronstadt warehouse, chilling out, when police came to surround the building. People were told they can leave the building, but couldn’t return for lunch. Police say this is an ‘Order from the council’.

The response from the 100 or so people in the building was ‘fine, then we won’t leave’. A phone call to someone in the building described the situation as “everyone seemed to understand our political stance. Eventually some people tried to leave, and discovered that all the surrounding roads had been blocked by police. Then riots cops charged us several times, hitting out with batons. A friend got whacked on the mouth while lying on the floor – we managed to find a way out and are on our way to hospital now. One of the undercover cops, calling himself Msr Buzin, said that anyone can leave, but can’t return for to eat. They are effectively starving people out of the building”