Public meeting to end charter flights to Afghanistan, 25/06/12

Mark your calendars for Monday 25th June. NCADC will be holding a public meeting at 7pm at Praxis in Bethnal Green, London, to discuss co-ordinated campaigning against deportations to Afghanistan. While all evidence points to the security situation steadily deteriorating in Afghanistan, UKBA persists in deporting young Afghans en masse to Kabul where they face massive risks and hardship.

Mehdi Must Stay

Mehdi Mirzae, 26, a national of Afghanistan and long time resident of
Manchester is currently being detained in Dungavel IRC and due to be
forcibly removed from the UK @ 03:00 hrs by Charter Flight PVT 800 on
Tuesday 23rd November to Afghanistan. Please help us to fight his
imminent deportation.

Lufthansa-owned British Midland International (BMI) plans charter deportation to Afghanistan

Sunday 13 June 2010

According to information received in the last few days, Nottinghamshire-based British Midland International (BMI), owned since last year by the German airline Lufthansa, is planning a deportation charter flight to Kabul, Afghanistan, this Tuesday 15th June.

In the last few months BMI have taken part in deportations to Sudan, Ethiopia and Iran.