Calais at Christmas - a report

Christmas is a time for giving but not it seems in Calais. Where refugees lives continue to be a living hell.. The following is the first of a couple of reports, and thoughts about how we might build solidarity for some of the most serious and vulnerable ,yet resourceful and intelligent victims of war,globalisation more war and the war on terror.They have one final hurdle to surmount; British /French collabarative immigration policies which are destroying their basic refugee protection.

Conserving what for whom? Migration, Climate Change and Equal Rights.

Imagine the floods in Tewkesbury last year, were more widespread, and that you are you family, friends and neighbours had lost all your possessions as the waters rose. Rendered homeless you decide to move, to drier, warmer, safer parts. You choose to go to a place where you have some connections, to try and cope with the distress of losing everything and to try and rebuild your life.

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Crossing Channels: NoBorders Benefit @ Rampart Dec 6th

NoBorders Benefit for Transnational Solidarity

Saturday 6th December 2008 @ Rampart Social Centre, featuring:
52 Commercial Road, sista zoum, Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury, onlyjoe, DJ Martin Klang, xtrats and more tba

PRESS RELEASE: Activists picket UK Border Agency in London to protest the launch of ID Cards

for immediate release

25 November 2008

Activists picket UK Border Agency in London to protest the launch of ID Cards

Activists from NoBorders, No2ID and other Initiatives demonstrated today at the headquarter of the UK Border Agency (Lunar House) in Croydon, London to protest against the introduction of ID Cards for non-EU citizens applying for, or renewing visas for study or marriage.

Mapping London's Border Regime

Detention Centres:

Harmondsworth (Heathrow)

Colnbrook (Heathrow)

Tinsley House (Gatwick)

Brook House (Gatwick)

Reporting Centres

Communications House (Old Street)

Electric House (Croydon)

Beckett House (Southwark)

"Short Term Holding Facilities"

Lunar House

Electric House

Communications House

UK Border Agency

Lunar House (Croydon)

Apollo House (Croydon)

Report from the Public Talk "Precarious Work ..."

At a packed meeting trade union activists, Latin American solidarity campaigners and immigrant rights organisations came together to discuss how to build solidarity with Latin American workers in Britain who are organising for trade union rights at work. Dave Esterson reports....

Over 50 people packed into a meeting in South London to discuss how to take forward the current campaigns of immigrant workers getting organised in their workplace.