Police violence in Calais becomes big news in France

One of France's largest TV stations TF1 has just released a video composed of several clips from the work of Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS). The police are shown pepper-spraying, being violent, abusive and unprofessional. This video combines several already high profile clips including the police playing loud music whilst raiding Africa House at night and the border police (PAF) punching an activist holding a video camera.

Demonstration against evictions of Roma, French Embassy, 04/09/10

The Irish Traveller Movement in Britain is calling for a demo at 1pm on Saturday 4th September outside the French Embassy (58 Knightsbridge) against the recent policies of the French Government, which have resulted in families with children as young as 2 weeks old being evicted with less than 30 minutes notice to gather their things and left homeless on the streets of France. Others have been packed onto planes with no choice and sent back to their home countries. Some of the Roma have lived in France all their lives.

[video] Blockade of the Detention centre Lesquin

Blockade of the Lesquin Detention Centre in France during the Noborder Camp in Calais, June 2007.

Crossing the Channel: Noborder Camp in Calais 23-29th of June 2009

Initiatives from France, the UK and Belgium organised the transnational Noborder Camp in Calais, France, a week of convergence, discussions and protest, which took place from 23-29th of June 2009, including a transnational demonstration for Freedom of Movement on June 27th 2009.

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Radio Interview (10min, en)
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Joint Uk/French Detention Centre planned in Calais

According to a report of "The Times" today, a joint Anglo-French detention centre is being planned for Calais to hold hundreds of migrants gathering near the Channel port.

As the report continues, "Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, disclosed proposals to tackle the surge of migrants, many from Afghanistan and Iraq, at Channel ports hoping for a new life in Britain. "

Invitation à une réunion d'organisation à Calais les 7 et 8 mars

Camp No Border à Calais – Juin 2009

Invitation à une réunion d'organisation à Calais les 7 et 8 mars.

Ces derniers mois, des militants de France et du Royaume-Uni se sont
rencontrés pour discuter de quelle manière il serait possible de renforcer la solidarité transfrontalière avec les migrants le long de la côte Nord de la France. Nous avons décidé de monter un camp de protestation transnational à la fin du mois de juin à Calais. Le camp a pour but de mettre en lumière la situation des migrants à la frontière et d'établir un réseau de solidarité efficace.

Invitation to an organising meeting in Calais, March 7th-8th

Noborder Camp in Calais, June 2009

Invitation to an organising meeting in Calais, March 7th-8th

In the last few months activists from France and the UK have met to discuss ways to increase transnational solidarity with migrants along the coast of northern France. We have decided to hold a transnational protest camp in Calais at the end of June. The camp aims to highlight the situation of the migrants on the border and establish a strong network of solidarity.