Call for first aiders and medical support for the Calais NoBorder Camp

Experiences from over a decade of action camps and mobilisations have
shown that when we come together for mass action it is important to
collectively organise the capacity to deal with medical emergencies. It
has also shown that when we take to the streets to protest against police
and state brutality and social control, we are often putting ourselves at
considerable risk. The French police in particular are known for their
excessive use of tear gas and concussion grenades. It is therefore
important to be prepared to deal with possible injuries.

There is currently no medical team coordination for the Calais camp, but
already there are a number of people with street and camp medic experience from the UK, US, Spain and France who aim to provide
information and some first aid coverage for the camp and actions. How much
support we can offer will depend on how many people we are and what skills
and materials we have available, so any help you can give is very gratefully received! Do you have any useful equipment? Do you have skills or experience?

Please contact:

We need people with medical training, trained first aiders, street
medics, nurses and doctors who can volunteer for the medical team. We
also need people with experience of public order situations, particularly
tear gas and of the French police, and people with experience of the
medical system in France. Administering first aid on demos should be done
as a team (at least in twos) and requires people who understand the
situation and can keep their head in a crisis. We may also need people to
help with logistics, communications, cars, drivers etc. So if you would
like to participate but are not sure how you could help, get in touch!

Gloves (lots!!)
medical tape
non-alcoholic cleansing wipes (large size)
crepe bandages
gauze bandage rolls
melolin wound dressings in 10x10 cm size
triangular bandages
safety pins
blunt-tipped trauma/medic shears
rehydration mix to go in water (eg Dioralyte)
space blankets
nonsterile gauze swabs
steri strips
Betadine (Or Iodine solution)
Medicinal Alcohol
snacks for medics and patients
For tear gas:
LAW - Liquid Antacid & Water (50:50 solution):
Milk of Magnesia/Mylanta/Maalox or generic substitute, available at any
pharmacy (key ingredients: Aluminum Hydroxide and/or Magnesium Hydroxide WITHOUT alcohol or mineral oil) mixed 50:50 with water.
Squeezy water bottles and/or Plant misters