Transnational demo for freedom of movement, Calais, Sat 27th June

Transnational demo for freedom of movement and the abolition of migration controls. Calais, Saturday 27th June 2009.

In Calais there are around 800-1000 migrants at any one time that are trying to cross the Channel, under constant harassment from the police.
These migrants are harassed because they do not have the right papers, or in many cases no papers at all – they are 'sans-papier'.

These 'sans-papier' in Calais are only the tip of the iceberg: it is estimated that there are over 200,000 sans-papier in France, 1 million in the UK, and up to 7 million in Europe as a whole.
All sans-papier face the same battle – to live and work without exploitation, harassment and fear of arrest and deportation.

No Borders calls for a world without papers, where everyone lives where they choose.

The route of the demo is the reverse of the walk that many migrants in Calais make on a daily basis – from Coquelles, where they are detained, to the lighthouse, where there is a daily food distribution.

We call on all individuals and groups that struggle for the rights of migrants to sign this call and mobilise for the demo.

The demo is part of a NoBorder camp that is taking place in Calais from 23rd to 29th June

The demo will start at 10am from the lighthouse on Boulevard des Alliés.

Demo called by:

Alternative Libertaire
Association pour la Citoyenneté en Algérie
Bürengruppe Paderborn
Chiche! Lille
Comité des Sans-Papiers 59
Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes
ELAF 81 (Ecolo-Libertaires Anti-fascistes du Tarn)
Fédération Anarchiste
Les Flamands Roses
Groupe D'Anarchistes de Lille et Environs
MRAP Dunkerque
Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste
No Borders Network UK
SUD Education Nord Pas-de-Calais
SUD étudiant Lille
Syndicat Unifié du Bâtiment/CNT 68
Union Locale CNT Lille
Union Syndicale Solidaires Nord Pas-de-Calais