Why we have to be closed in the camp for one week?

15. Oct 2010: Letter by refugees from several countries on the intended worsening of the laws for foreigners in Austria:

To the Ministry of Interior, Asylkoordination, UNHCR, Diakonie and several other organistaion.

Respected fellows,

Most respectfully we asylum seekers want to argue, what crime have we commited? What is our fault? Have we killed some one? Have we kidnapped some one? Have we terrored someone? If not, then what is our crime? That we have to be closed in the asylum seeker camp for 1 week.

Unfortunately we are asylum seekers, we are refugees, not any criminals, that we should be closed in the camp. If we can come out of the camp we can buy telephone cards to call our family, 2nd we have to smoke cigarettes so we have to buy cigarettes for us and other needs of us. Why does this law, why does this government want us to be closed in the camp? So we cannot know what is going on out side. We cannot contact Diakonie about our asylum procedure , we cannot get information about the asylum procedure.

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Detention and deportation of undocumented migrants in Belgium

Since a migration stop has been announced in 1974, the gateway for foreign workers in Belgium has been shut almost completely.

Meanwhile almost nothing has been done to build up a modern migration policy. All political parties have however, been pushing to develop a new migration policy, mainly because it would be an opportunity to execute an effective deportation policy. Nowadays the frustration of politicians is growing over the inability of the government to deport the tens of thousands undocumented migrants out of the country. The latest campaign of regularisation was a prelude to a much bigger game: a new migration policy with clear criteria to designate who is not welcome and how to smoothly deport those unwelcome migrants out of our society .

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Movement for the Human Rights Solidarity to the Refugees-Samos

(press release from http://no-racism.net )
For one more time on Thursday 1st of July 2010 50 refugees where transported for the detention center of Samos to be deported. They where transferred to the center of Aspropyrgos without having been informed that they will be transferred or the reasons without Lawyers and without translators. For one more time the police the coast guard and frontex coordinate their actions and transferred illegaly also a minor of 15 years with health problems.

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More than 13800 Deaths - the Fatal Realities of 'Fortress Europe'

Every year on the International Refugee Day on 20th of June, UNITED presents a List of documented refugee deaths through 'Fortress Europe'. UNITED media release:

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Demonstration after racist killing in Warsaw - solidarity begins

On Monday, May 24thin Warsaw a spontaneous anti-racist demonstration took place as a reaction to the brutal racist murder committed by the police on May 23rd of 2010.

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Anti-Frontex Conference in Warsaw

As a small act of resistance against an EU conference on border control and the "European Day of the Border Guard" a counter- conference and protest at the location of the EU conference will take place in Warshaw.

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Italy: Rome immigration prison set on fire by detainees

«Total chaos!» At midnight on 30th March 2010, this text message was sent from one of the detainees inside Ponte Galeria, the immigration prison in Rome, Italy.

An hour prior to the text, a riot inside the detention centre had started: mattresses were burnt and two huge fires reached the infirmary. Some of the detainees were on the roof, while others broke three or four doors and reached the outer fence. The detention centre was soon full of riot police. Gunshots were heard around 1.20am.

There riot has allegedly caused EUR 200,000 worth of damage; a hydraulic and electric system was put out of order; four people escaped and an unknown number of detainees were moved to other detention centres, while 17 were arrested. They are due in court on 31st March.

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