Demo against the eviction of 90 traveller familes, 10/09/11

Demonstrate on Saturday Sept 10 against the £18 million eviction of 90 Traveller families from their homes at Crays Hill, Essex.

The eviction is likely to happen early in September and if it happens before September 10th, we will march to Dale Farm immediately.

Dale Farm call out for action: 28 day eviction notices served

Basildon Council have sent out eviction notices, giving Dale Farm residents 28 days to leave the site, before the start of a brutal program of forced evictions.

These eviction notices have been issued despite the fact that Dale Farm residents have offered to leave their land willingly and peaceably given viable alternative plots, which would enable them to rebuild their homes while maintaining their community, their children’s schooling and their health care.

No alternative viable housing has been offered to the families of Dale Farm. This means that in the event of an eviction up to 100 families will be made summarily homeless, including many elderly, sick, and very young residents.

The council has not adequately considered the individual health and social needs of the Dale Farm residents whom they plan to evict. This leaves the Council and Home Office liable not just to a £20 million eviction bill, but also to the legal and compensation costs resulting from the inhumane treatment of many vulnerable Dale Farm residents.

Instead of spending money on local community services, on local housing, on community education facilities, or on community race relations, the council is spending half its income pursuing a racist campaign to remove Gypsies and Travellers from Basildon.


* There will be RESISTANCE ACTIVITY weekends at Dale Farm from this weekend: Saturday, 9th July

* There will be a mass gathering of national and international supporters at Dale Farm from: Friday July 29th

* Join Camp Constant NOW by attending activity weekend events, and by committing to spend time at Camp Constant to support residents resisting eviction from Saturday 27th August when the 28 day eviction notice ends and families’ homes become vulnerable to forced eviction and bulldozing.

Blockade of Coquelles detention centre, Calais, 02/07/11


Calais - Today, 2nd July 2011, some thirty activists decided to take direct action against the Coquelles detention center. They protest against the daily harassment of the migrants, the eviction of the migrants' squat Africa House and the French and European migration policies by blockading the gates of the centre.

Demo against new family detention centre in Sussex, 30/07/11

Croydon NoBorders is calling for a demo in Haywards Heath from 1pm on Saturday 30th July to protest against a new detention centre for children and families which is due to open in late summer at nearby Pease Pottage.

Haywards Heath is the home of Mid Sussex Council which granted planning permission for the former Crawley Forest School to be converted into a migrant prison.

The migrant prison, known euphemistically as a "pre-departure accommodation centre", will be run by the infamous security firm G4S, who are facing charges for corporate manslaughter following the death of deportee Jimmy Mubenga on a BA flight in November. The prison will "normally" hold families for up to 72 hours but they could be held for up to a week in "exceptional circumstances".

Campaigners blockade Heathrow detention centres to stop Iraq deportation

21st June 2011
For immediate release

Anti-deportation campaigners are blockading Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres in a last-minute attempt to stop the forcible deportation of Iraqi refugees to Baghdad on a specially chartered flight scheduled to leave London this evening.

30 angry protesters from No Borders, Stop Deportation and other groups are blocking the joint entrance to the two detention centres near Heathrow airport. Six of them have encased their arms in glass and plastic tubes attached to concrete barrels, while others are holding banners and shouting slogans against the 'brutal deportation machine.'

Three coaches carrying over 30 of the deportees to the airport have not
been able to leave the complex. Another 30 are supposed to be taken at the same time from Brook House detention centre at Gatwick airport and Campsfield House in Oxfordshire. In total, it is expected that the flight, scheduled to leave an undisclosed airport at 11pm today, will carry
between 60 and 70 deportees, accompanied by twice as many private security guards and immigration officers.

Update at 8.30pm

Currently 5 Reliance vans are in the Colnbrook/Harmondsworth complex preparing to transport the detainees out of the rear entrance of the complex. It is unclear where these detainees will be taken.

It is understood that the Immigration Advisory Service has obtained an injunction against the flight but it is unknown whether this applies to some or all of the potential deportees.

The blockade of the front entrance continues. Police are now on the scene.

Final update, 9pm

Great news! It has been confirmed that this evening's charter flight has
been cancelled.

The blockade has now finished and none of the blockaders have been arrested.

Emergency picket of the Italian Embassy, Wednesday 22/06/11

The Italian government has approved an emergency decree which foresees the immediate expulsion of all irregular immigrants, and at the same time has extended the detention period from 6 to 18 months. The decree also allows for the forced expulsion of EU citizens. We are talking about a manhunt that is taking place throughout Italy, where the police are rounding up Roma citizens and migrants, while access to the detention centres - where the worst abuses occur - have been forbidden to the press and to everybody else.

Open discussion about Lampedusa and Tunisia, 23/06/11

The Arabic countries have been struggling for months to chase the dictators and change their dictatorships into democracies. Their right to move and live in other countries of the world has been denied because of agreements between the Fortress Europe and dictators as Ben Ali or Kadafi, and it is still denied because the blind European policy has not changed at all.