Judge: Colnbrook blockaders' arrest was unlawful

stopdeportation press relesase, 22 October 2009:
A magistrates judge has ruled that police acted unlawfully when arresting six anti-deportation campaigners who were blockading Colnbrook detention centre, near Heathrow airport, on 12th May, 2009, to try and prevent Iraqi refugees from being forcibly deported to Iraqi Kurdistan on a specially chartered flight.[1]

Hunger strike at Brook House

Since earlier today (Monday 19th October), over forty of the Iraqis returned on the charter flight to Baghdad, and others, have been on hunger strike in Brook House immigration prison, Gatwick, demanding their release.

Arora International Hotel Occupied


Campaigners protest against plans to turn Gatwick hotel into a detention centre

* Because there is more profit in having guests who can't leave!
* Arora plans to turn its four-star hotel at Gatwick airport into
an immigration detention centre.
* Campaigners vow to target the company unless the plans are

Jump The Channel! 28th November

Transnational protest against the border regime! Whatever side of the channel you live on, join us on Saturday 28th November! Protest outside the 'Joint Centre for Intelligence' Bouverie House, (Folkstone police station) Bouverie Road West, Folkestone, at 3pm.

No Borders London calll for action in solidarity with migrants in Calais!

Join us in a demonstration at 5.30pm, on Tuesday 29th September 09, outside the French Embassy, 58 Kinghtsbridge, London SW1X 7JT.

On the morning of Tuesday 22nd September, French police bulldozed the area known as the 'jungle' in Calais where migrants were living, destroying their homes and possessions and detaining around 300 people, including 132 children. Other migrants left before they could be detained, and have been driven to sleep rough on the streets of Calais, Paris and elsewhere.

Demonstration at the French Embassy in London, Monday 20th July

London NoBorders and Brighton NoBorders are calling for a demonstration outside the French embassy in London on Monday 20th July to protest the repression and planned mass deportations of migrants living around Calais, France.

Where: French Embassy, 58 Knightsbridge London SW1X 7JT
(nearest tube Knightsbridge)
When: Monday 20th July, 12.30pm

Report on London Indymedia

Crossing the Channel: Noborder Camp in Calais 23-29th of June 2009

Initiatives from France, the UK and Belgium organised the transnational Noborder Camp in Calais, France, a week of convergence, discussions and protest, which took place from 23-29th of June 2009, including a transnational demonstration for Freedom of Movement on June 27th 2009.

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