Inside Campsfield Detention Centre

Report from visitors to a detainee on Wednesday afternoon 4 August 2010 :

BC [the detainee] affirmed that some 180 detainees in Campsfield are standing together in the hunger strike.

He also affirmed that organisers had made clear to everyone that any kind of violent behaviour such as breaking windows, damaging property or attempting to break out would not be tolerated. Their action was directed at the manifold injustice of the Asylum and Immigration system and to get a proper response from its authorities in the Ministry and Government.

In the light of the demise of Refugee and Migrant Justice, his own personal situation illustrates the stark consequences. His lawyer was one of theirs. He is now unable to access any of BC’s papers. Recently, applying for bail with his sureties (wife and a friend) fully accepted by the immigration judge, she told him that she would have released him on bail and wished to do so, but that this was impossible without the provision of his papers. The 12.30 programme today confirmed that all the lawyers' papers are locked up in the premises of the RMJ, with the lock changed, so that access is impossible.

We also learnt that there has been a huge email response supporting the action of the Campsfield detainees.