Demo in Calais on 21st May - close detention centres! No borders!

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Here is a translation of the text from the article:

21st May in Calais : the prefect [of the Calais area] Bousquet sends his troops. The prefect and his army responded to the call [for a demo] by SOS soutien aux Sans Papier [SOS Support the Undocumented]
Calais was besieged by garde-mobiles [national guard] and the CRS [riot police] at strategic locations.

The prefect made a mockery of the army, who were faced by [only] 60 activists ...

Forces were not deployed to stop an association that they knew the measure of, but to prevent all meeting of activists and refugees.

All the strategic points were closely observed, the CRA [immigration detention centre to the west of Calais] was protected by part of compagnie 16 [police squad]. The authorities’ big fear was to see the Afghans mobilise against the destruction of their camp. But the initiatives towards the port got the same welcome.

To reflect on for the future….