Dale Farm call out for action: 28 day eviction notices served

Basildon Council have sent out eviction notices, giving Dale Farm residents 28 days to leave the site, before the start of a brutal program of forced evictions.

These eviction notices have been issued despite the fact that Dale Farm residents have offered to leave their land willingly and peaceably given viable alternative plots, which would enable them to rebuild their homes while maintaining their community, their children’s schooling and their health care.

No alternative viable housing has been offered to the families of Dale Farm. This means that in the event of an eviction up to 100 families will be made summarily homeless, including many elderly, sick, and very young residents.

The council has not adequately considered the individual health and social needs of the Dale Farm residents whom they plan to evict. This leaves the Council and Home Office liable not just to a £20 million eviction bill, but also to the legal and compensation costs resulting from the inhumane treatment of many vulnerable Dale Farm residents.

Instead of spending money on local community services, on local housing, on community education facilities, or on community race relations, the council is spending half its income pursuing a racist campaign to remove Gypsies and Travellers from Basildon.


* There will be RESISTANCE ACTIVITY weekends at Dale Farm from this weekend: Saturday, 9th July

* There will be a mass gathering of national and international supporters at Dale Farm from: Friday July 29th

* Join Camp Constant NOW by attending activity weekend events, and by committing to spend time at Camp Constant to support residents resisting eviction from Saturday 27th August when the 28 day eviction notice ends and families’ homes become vulnerable to forced eviction and bulldozing.

* For more ways to get involved.

* Email: savedalefarm@gmail for more information.

* See this link also for more information which you can use to help communicate what is happening at Dale Farm:

JOIN US NOW at Dale Farm this SATURDAY, 9th July, 2011, from midday.
For directions from London Liverpool Street station click here.

There will be:
* planning meetings
* discussions with Dale Farm residents
* legal observer training
* resistance activity workshops