Practical info about the NoBorders Convergence 2012

The Convergence will take place from Monday 13th-Saturday 18th February 2012. Below is some practical info about the Convergence.


Places will be provided in people's homes across London. Since places are limited, we are asking for participants to make their own arrangements for accommodation where possible. However if you need somewhere please e-mail: noborderslondon[at] and we will sort crash space for you.

Also if you live in London and are happy to accommodate people please get in touch!


There will be a creche on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am-6pm at Goldsmiths. If you want to use the creche, please e-mail us: noborderslondon[at]

We currently only have a few toys for the creche so we would ask that anyone using the creche (and others!) please bring along toys for us to use, thanks!


A mobile kitchen will be cooking a vegan lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will also try and provide breakfast.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will take place at Goldsmiths College, New Cross SE14 6NW.

There will be a welcome area in the Stretch in the Student Union building of Goldsmiths, with tea, coffee, and information about the Convergence. This will be open from 9am on Monday. You can contact the welcome area on 07535 319119.

The workshops will take place in the Richard Hoggart Building, which is next door to the Students' Union.

Goldsmiths College is 2 minutes walk from New Cross and New Cross Gate stations.

From New Cross station: Come out of the station, cross the main road and turn left. Walk past Goldsmiths Wines on the right hand side and follow the road as it bends to the right (there is a yellow pub, the Marquis of Granby, on your left). Walk past the bus stop and Goldsmiths College is on the right hand side, walk past the library (the modern grey/white building), and the Student Union is the next building on the right. The Richard Hoggart Building is the brown brick building next door to that.

From New Cross Gate station: Come out of the station, turn right up the small hill to the main road. Turn right and then turn first left at the traffic lights into Amersham Way (the Amersham Arms pub is on the corner). Take the first right and walk to the top of the hill. At the t-junction at the top cross the road and Goldsmiths College is in front of you. The Richard Hoggart Building is the brown building in front of you and the Students Union building is the next door on the right when you are facing the road.

To travel around London, the easiest and cheapest way is to get an Oyster Card. You have to pay £5 deposit but you can get this back when you return the card. You then top up the card and use it on any underground (tube), rail or bus service. You do not have to register the card in your real name and we recommend that you don't. You can buy Oyster cards from any tube station and some newsagents. Find out more about Oyster cards here.

If you are coming from north or east London, take the London Overground (underground line) to New Cross station or New Cross Gate station. Goldsmiths is two minutes walk from either. You can see a underground (tube) map here.

If you are coming from west, south or central London, take a train from Charing Cross, Waterloo East or London Bridge station, to New Cross or New Cross Gate. You can see a rail and tube (underground) map here.

You can also travel by bus to New Cross, this is the cheapest option but is also generally the slowest. You can look for bus routes here.

Safer space guidelines

For the workshops and seminars, as with the Convergence as a whole, we want to create an open and respectful space where everyone feels welcome and able to participate and contribute. In particular, we hope that migrants will be able to access the space.

- Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or prejudice on the
basis of language, nationality, religion, immigration status, gender
presentation or class will not be tolerated and will be challenged.

-Be aware of the space you take up and the privileges you may bring,
including racial, national, class and gender privilege.

- Many of us do not speak English as a first language - please try to
speak clearly and avoid using jargon or academic language. Be patient
if someone asks you to explain something in different words.

- We have tried to make the space as accessible as possible. If you
have access needs that we haven't met, please raise this and we will
try to address this.

- Give each person the time and space to speak. In large groups, raise
your hand to speak. If you disagree with someone, try to respectfully
challenge what they've said.

- There is no photography or filming during workshops and seminars.