Boats4People - 5th-15th July 2012

Activities between Sicily and Tunisia are under preparation

Join the mobilization!

The International Boats 4 People Steering Committee decided that the arrival in Tunisia should be connected with the next Maghreb Social Forum in 2012. This forum is fixed now and will take place from July11th to July 14th of 2012 in the harbour city of Monastir (Tunisia).

As our resources and funds are still limited, we cannot promise at the moment (February 2012) that the project will take the dimensions expected in the beginning. But we want to confirm, that various protests and monitoring with small boats will take place in Sicily around 6th of July 2012 and that we will arrive in Tunis and Monastir some days later for further activities until July the 15th.

We announce such a program with the aim to extend the project as much as possible. We try to intensify the promotion and mobilization for Boats 4 People within coming weeks and months, and everybody is invited to support us in our preparations and efforts to raise funds and find more and better equipment.

The Boats 4 People International Steering Committee

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