Calais demo, 28/05/11

On Saturday 28th May there will be a demo in Calais at 2.30pm from the food distribution point to the town hall.

The basic demands are:

* Denounce the government's repressive policies against undocumented migrants and Roma
* Freedom of movement and the regularisation of undocumented migrants.

For several years there has been no demonstration in Calais on the subject and in this form. The demo follows a nationwide appeal launched by a collective of political groups and associations (Besides, we're from here) and the establishment of a north-coast collective in Calais by the group "the pot for ideas."

Migrants will be invited to participate:
* A leaflet to explain why this gathering will be distributed two weeks before.
* A workshop will be held to make banners and placards with them.
* An open-mike will be organised so the migrants can give testimonies and make demands.

For this event to be successful we need you to:
* Come to Calais for May 28!
* Contact any musician activists, so that the event ends with a moment of celebration.
* Contact a mobile kitchen, so we can organise a "snack" at the start of the demo.

These are groups that have committed so far:
* MRAP Nord Pas Calais (with Dunkirk group)
* AC!
* Salam
* Attac-Boulogne
* Louis Lecoin nonviolent group of Dunkirk
* SUD Education
* Solidarity Nord Pas de Calais
* NPA,
* Greens