Camp Constant - defend Dale Farm!

Camp Constant: a mass gathering of national and international supporters of the Dale Farm community will commence on the ‘Big weekend’, Saturday, 27th to Monday 29th August, which is the final weekend before Travellers have been told they must abandon their homes or face the bulldozers. Residents of Dale Farm have invited supporters down for a long weekend of skill sharing and cultural celebration. Join us for:

* Training for legal observers and human rights monitors
* Practical eviction resistance workshops and eviction simulations
* Acoustic music on Saturday night
* Media training
* Traveller history & celebration

Sleeping space is available in caravans and residents homes or you are encouraged to bring a tent, and you are welcome to sleep over on Friday August 26th. See . We would love to hear from people who to help out with this. In particular:

Workshops: We’re planning a full programme of workshops for the weekend. We may have space for some additional workshops if you have some constructive/inspiring ideas, relevant to resistance and Traveller heritage. We’re also looking for people with good ideas/energy/kit for some workshops for kids and young people. There are over 100 children facing eviction at Dale Farm and residents have especially asked for creative workshops that the young people can enjoy. If you think you can help, please email:

Music: residents are keen for some acoustic music on Saturday night ‘to cheer us all up’ without disturbing elderly and unwell residents. There are likely to be several small music tents on Saturday evening and some open mic spots. Traditional Irish music with fiddles extremely welcome, but if you have a band who can play a good uplifting acoustic set, or are just happy to fill an open mic slot, please email:

Transport or Childcare: want to help with transport or childcare? Again: