Campsfield IRC - Anniversary demo 27/11/10

Sat 27 Nov - Campsfield Anniversary Demo - 12.00pm to 2.00pm

The Campaign To Close Campsfield are commemorating the opening of Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (near Oxford airport) 17 years ago.

Speakers include: former detainees, trade unionists, and students.
Bring music, banners, and messages of support. (Followed by..)

Barbed Wire Britain Open Meeting at Exeter Hall Kidlington (2 miles from Campsfield) - 2.15 to 4.00 pm

2.15 Lunch (bring and share)

2.30 Reports from other parts of Europe and border countries:
* Teresa Hayter - Algeria and externalising borders
* Eleanor Mortimer - France and Spain
* Colm Massey - No Borders Camp Brussels

3.15 BWB annual report (website and the Detention Forum), followed by discussion on future activity

4.00 Finish