Dale Farm Solidarity Meeting, 9th January, 2pm

There will be an open organising meeting at 2pm on Sunday 9th January at Freedom Bookshop Meeting Room (Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX) to plan the resistance to the threatened eviction of the Dale Farm Traveller community in Essex. We are organising human rights observation, pressuring the Home Office to refuse to hand over £10 million in public money to fund the eviction, and setting up Camp Constant, an on-site resistance and support camp at Dale Farm.

What’s happening at Dale Farm?

Dale Farm is a former scrap yard which was bought by Travellers and is now home to 1000 people. Basildon Council has refused planning permission for half of Dale Farm, and are threatening to bulldoze it. 90% of Traveller planning applications are initially rejected compared to 20% overall.

The Council has set aside £3 milllion for the eviction, and asked the Home Office for £10 million more. At any point they can issue 28 days notice, and then try to bulldoze what is effectively a small village.

People across the country are condemning this ethnic cleansing and are pledging to spend a night there if they serve 28 days notice. Plans are underway to set up a camp for people to stay, and there will also be room in peoples' homes.

Find out more about Dale Farm and how to get involved here: