G4S AGM/Justice for Jimmy Mubenga

The Justice for Jimmy Mubenga campaign invites people to demonstrate outside G4S' AGM on Thursday 19th May, from 1pm-2.30pm, at Ironmonger Hall, Barbican, London. We will demand that G4S be held accountable for Jimmy Mubenga's death on 12 October 2010 following 'restraint' by G4S officers while being forcibly removed from the UK. Members of Justice for Jimmy Mubenga will also be asking questions to senior management within the AGM.

According to a recent briefing by the charity Inquest, G4S management had been warned by the Home Office in 2006 over using dangerous restraint techniques, of the type that resulted in Jimmy Mubenga's death, and concerns had also been raised by its own staff. Not only that, but this was not the first death following 'restraint' by G4S officers: a 15 year old boy, Gareth Myatt, died in G4S' custody in 2004 following restraint by G4S officers.

However, in the Home Office Committee Enquiry in November 2010, following Jimmy Mubenga's death, G4S management denied that their officers used dangerous restraint techniques. While G4S have lost the contract for Home Office removals from the UK, they continue to run detention centres and youth facilities around the country, as well as transporting detainees within the UK. G4S will also be responsible for security at the 2012 London Olympics.

The Justice for Jimmy Mubenga campaign demands that G4S management and officers be held accountable for Jimmy Mubenga's death. and further demands an urgent parliamentary inquiry into the use of force during deportations.

Please join us on 19th May. Bring banners, musical instruments, street
theatre etc. For more information please contact
tarin.brokenshire@ntlworld.com. Please also circulate this information to
other groups or interested people.