Iranian asylum seekers on hunger strike in London

Six Iranians have been on hunger strike in London since 05/04/2011.

Three of the hunger strikers are camped outside the UKBA offices in Croydon, the others are outside the offices of Amnesty International in central London.

Four of the hunger strikers have sewn their lips together. Two of them were taken to hospital by the police but doctors were not successful in convincing them to remove their stitches in order to eat.

All of the hunger strikers fled Iran, running from the Iranian fascist government to save their lives. They left behind a horrifying history of imprisonment and torture, they are here in order to build a better life. They will stay on strike until they achieve their goals. They need our support to put pressure of the government to grant them leave to remain.

To sign an online petition for the hunger strikers click here.

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