Justice for Noureddin - demo at French Embassy in London, 17/07/12

*Justice for Noureddin Mohamed.*

*No more border killings.*

Demonstration at the French Embassy

Tuesday 17th July @ 2 pm

58 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JT

Our friend Noureddin Mohamed died in suspicious circumstances in the centre of Calais in the early hours of Saturday morning (7 July 2012). Noureddin was 28 years old, originally from North Darfur, Sudan. He was well known and loved in Calais, and leaves many grieving friends. He died just some 200 metres from the government office where he had recently been granted leave to remain in France as a refugee.

Noureddin's friends believe that he may have been killed in a racist
attack, and possibly with police involvement. Police had harassed Noureddin and a group of other Sudanese refugees shortly before his death. (Police harassment of migrants is a common occurrence in Calais). But, pushing a story that Noureddin was involved in a theft, the authorities have ruled the death an accident, and refused to investigate further or to conduct an autopsy. Noureddin's uncle and his lawyer have now filed an official demand that a murder inquiry be opened.

Without pressure, the French authorities will get away with covering up
the truth behind Noureddin's death. That would make Noureddin the third refugee to die in Calais in suspicious circumstances, and without proper investigation, in the last 7 months. So long as these deaths go unanswered, it is open season on migrants in Calais, as racists and fascists think they can attack with impunity. Just as it is in the Mediterranean, and on all Europe's borders, where people are dying in their hundreds.

Noureddin's family and friends in Calais have called on supporters
everywhere to join them in demanding justice for Noureddin. There have been protests on the streets of Calais every morning this week, mainly involving people without papers who can risk a lot by demonstrating. Darfuris and other supporters have also gone from Paris and Belgium to join the protests, and are planning demonstrations in other cities.

We stand with Noureddin's family and friends in Calais in their call for
justice for Noureddin. We stand with the Darfuri exile community in London, who will present a letter to the French ambassador supporting Noureddin's uncle's demand for an inquiry. And we stand with all those at risk at the borders of Europe and the world. No more border killings.

Please bring banners, and drums and musical instruments. Please remember that we want people from different backgrounds to feel welcome at this demo. Please circulate this as widely as possible and encourage people to come. But if you can't make it, keep in the loop. There will be more to come. Can we turn our sorrow and anger into the beginning of a movement against the invisible deaths on Europe's borders?

Calais Migrant Solidarity, calaisolidarity@gmail.com

For further information see Indymedia article.