London anti-G8 meeting this Sunday

On Sat 5th July, the International Day of Action Against the G8,
No Borders London has called for a day of action focusing on the
UK Border Agency (Home Office) officesin Croydon, south London.

Croydon has three big UK Border Agencies buildings - Lunar House
(one of two places inthe UK where all asylum applications are made),
Apollo House (where migration data is collected and evaluated),
and Electric House (a reporting centre and short term detention
centre). Croydon also houses an army recruitment centre and many
shops and offices involved in the detention machinery and the
exploitation of migrant labour.

The next planning meeting is this Sunday, 1st June, at 3pm at the
Pullens Centre,184 Crampton Street, Elephant and Castle, SE17.
Please come if you can!