Migration prison blockade delays charter; numerous detainees did not fly

On Tuesday 14th February at 6.30pm activists from the NoBorder network blockaded Harmondsworth migration prison near Heathrow to try to stop a charter flight to Ghana, scheduled for 12.10am.

The blockade lasted for over 6 hours but ended at 1.30am with 11 protestors taken into custody, charged with public order offences.

The detainees were taken by coach to Stanstead where the plane took off, several hours late, and with a number of people not on the flight thanks to last-minute injunctions. Thanks to the blockade the deportation of another Harmondsworth detainee on a commercial flight was prevented as the escorts were unable to leave on time.

The protestors were held in police custody for 36 hours and went before a judge at Uxbridge Magistrates Court this morning (Thurday 16th February). NoBorder activists went to the court in solidarity, some entered the courtroom while others held a demo outside. All 11 protestors were released on bail and are due back in court on 8th March.

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