No Border Camp Koeln/Duesseldorf, 13-22 July 2012

Cologne, Germany, 13-22 July 2012

gathering | exchanging | networking | empowering

To deal together and in various forms with:
(Charter-)deportations, Frontex, antiziganism, everyday-racism and far right discourses; institutional racism, the disastrous living conditions and struggles of migrants and refugees, (post-) colonialism, the horrible situation on the external frontiers, and other issues. Also critical whiteness and empowerment will play an important role.

The camp is intended to be a place of discussion on antiracism, a critical view on capitalism, with opening perspectives on antifascism and feminism. A place to exchange experiences and plan actions, where the struggles of refugees and People of Colour meet the engagement of racism-critical white people.

Come to the campside, take part, bring workshops and actions and participate

No borders – No nations

For more info, go to camp website.