A No Borders Reader - Call for Submissions

Transnational Struggles Against the Border Regime: A No Borders Reader
Call for Submissions

This is a call-out for contributions to a No Borders Reader/Anthology about the border regime and the struggles against it across the world.

In February this year No Borders London, along with students and academics, organised a week-long Convergence at Goldsmiths, University of London. The aim was to share knowledge and experiences relating to people's freedom of movement and the restrictions placed on it in different countries. Numerous contributions by activists, academics and migrant rights groups and organisations made it clear that the issues being discussed are very complex and there are gaps in participants' knowledge of how the system works and what is being done to challenge it.

The aim of this Reader is to make available some of those contributions, and to gather some new writing, to provide a comprehensive, critical account of how the border regime operates today, the impact it has on people's lives, and the different forms of struggle against it.

In addition to being informative, we would like the finished Reader to be an inspiring and useful resource for migrants and activists struggling against these injustices, critically examining migrant struggles and groups and drawing on past lessons for the future.


If you have a story to share we would love to hear from you! While academic and scholarly analysis is welcome, it is by no means a requirement for submissions. We want to both provide a space for critical and in-depth discussions and make the Reader an accessible and useful resource.

We are particularly interested in contributions exploring the following issues:

- Experiences of borders (being a migrant, refugee, etc.), the impact of the border regime on people's lives, and how they go about resisting it.

- Experiences of practical solidarity work with migrants and refugees, its aims, limitations, benefits and so on.

- Experiences of organising big migration-related mobilisations such as No Border camps and convergences.

- Experiences of protests and direct action against various parts of the borders regime.

- Activists' experiences of organising, networking and working with other groups and organisations, including charities and NGOs.

- Critical issues such as identity politics and privilege in activist groups and networks.


Submissions could take many forms, including (but not limited to):
- personal accounts
- essays and analytical pieces
- news articles
- project or campaign profiles
- interviews
- manifestos, callouts and other activist literature
- how-to guides
- book reviews
- photographs and other visual material
- short stories, poems and other literary texts
- artistic works.

We encourage a diversity of submissions and writers, and welcome collaborative or collective submissions and the use of aliases or anonymous submissions.

The Reader will be published in English but we welcome submissions in other languages. We will make every effort to get these translated.

If you speak other languages and can spare some time, please translate this call and spread it widely. Many thanks!

Deadline for submissions

Please contact us by 30 November 2012 with your initial ideas so that we can suggest a word count.

The deadline for final submissions is 31 December 2012.

Please send your submissions or queries to nbreader@riseup.net.

Looking forward to hearing from you.