No Borders: why we resist

No Borders is a political network which opposes immigration controls. We believe that freedom of movement should be available to all, not just the rich and powerful. While a privileged minority do not question their ability to holiday or work abroad, take international business trips, or to hop from one tax haven to another, the majority of the world's people struggle and even pay with their lives crossing borders.

Europe's borders are steeped in untold suffering. Severe immigration controls, designed to protect the EU's wealth, force 'unwelcome' migrants to take extremely dangerous routes: since 1988, at least 17,738 people attempting to enter Europe to escape war. poverty or persecution have died travelling under or on the backs of lorries, or in flimsy boats.

Contrary to what we read in the papers, Britain is not a 'soft touch' on immigration - in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Mass deportations are taking place here every week on secret, specially-charted flights; 3,400 people are held indefinitely in detention centres in the UK at any one time; and refugees attempting to enter the UK sleep rough, are constantly chased, arrested or beaten by the police, and are forced to pay extortionate smuggling fees for the dangerous crossing. The vast majority of asylum seekers are refused asylum and deported.

The government and the British press - run by a powerful elite - have long peddled scare stories about immigrants 'swamping' Britain. This keeps us divided and stops us from challenging the real causes if poverty and competition for jobs and resources: capitalism.

'Legals' and 'illegals', 'citizen' and 'foreigner', 'refugee' and 'economic migrant'; these categories are designed to pit us against each other for these ends. We believe everyone should be free to move, regardless of where we are born, what passport we carry, or how much we have in the bank.

No Borders provides practical solidarity to migrants struggling at borders, resisting deportation, sleeping on the streets, or being held at detention centres. Since 1999, across many different countries, we have taken action to physically block mass deportations, supported refugee hunger strikes, distributed essential legal information to migrants, helped people get shelter, and organised demonstrations and camps to meet and work more effectively with migrant communities.

No Borders is not a charitable organisation: we believe that only radical social change will address the deep inequalities in our society. No Borders! No Nations!