Pease Pottage Detention Facility: Home Office Does not like Publicity

Midsussex Council has today published the planning application for the planned detention facility for families and children in Pease Pottage. However, to our surprise the council has not published the application itself, but a letter from the Home Office asking the council not to publish the application details as they are "sensitive information".

The letter states: "It would be helpful if it could be kept separately from the main Planning Register which the Department of Communities and Local Government has suggested you might establish by means of paragraphs 24 and 25 of the Memorandum to DCLG Circular 02/2006 Crown Application of the Planning acts. Any arrangements adopted should be designed to give the maximum protection possible to this information consistent with authorities' statutory obligations."

Such an act, usually rather used for applications for military facilities, is obviously an attempt to bypass any public discussion of the Home Office's plans.

The plans for the new detention facility became public last week after a letter from planning consultant CGMS leaked to the public.

Press Release to be released shortly.

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