PRESS RELEASE: Protest against surveillance and borders in Central London today

Today 60 people marched from Piccadilly Circus to St Pancras to demand an end to surveillance and borders.

The activists entered St Pancras around 5pm with a sound system and banners proclaiming “Life is too short to be controlled” and “Calais migrants welcome here”. Several people attempted to cross the border by trying to force their way through passport control but were stopped by security, one person was arrested.

One of the activists Thomas Hardenburg explained: “Today we marched through London, one of the most controlled cities in the world, to protest against our constant surveillance and harassment by CCTV and ID checks. We started at Piccadilly Circus. home of Westminter Council’s CCTV headquarters, went through Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Holborn distributed leaflets, and ended at St Pancras which is a border between the UK and mainland Europe with a holding centre for those without papers.”

1. The demo was called by London NoBorder, a group fighting in solidarity with migrant struggles for a world without borders and freedom of movement for all.

2. More background to the demo here.