Protest outside Yarl's Wood, Sunday 14th March

Yarl's Wood Migrant Solidarity are calling a demonstration at midday on Sunday, 14 March in solidarity with the women on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre. We join these women in their protest against the detention of migrants. We support their bravery and we oppose immigration laws that restrict the freedom of movement of those in need.

We have chosen to act on Mother’s Day to highlight the cruel way that migrant women, many of whom have come to the UK to seek respite from violence and torture, have been separated from their families for no good reason and at little notice. They have since been subjected to further violence and humiliation within the immigration centre.

We support the hunger strikers at Yarl’s Wood in all of the demands that they have issued. We support the hunger strikers at Harmsworth Immigration Centre and in immigration centres in Italy. We are acting to express our disgust at immigration laws and to re-affirm the belief that freedom of movement is a human right. We are outraged by the fact that Serco are controlling the Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre in the interest of private profit. We oppose the idea of national borders and nation-states as a whole and we do not believe that there is any such thing as an illegal human being.

We invite those who share in our beliefs, and anyone who opposes the detention of migrants, the abuse of women and the separation of families, to join us at midday on Sunday, 14 March. Bring voices, whistles, drums and anything else that makes a noise: we want the hunger strikers to know that we are with them, and that they are not alone on Mother’s Day.

Hope to see you there...

Yarl's Wood Migrant Solidarity

A map for Yarl's Wood can be found here -

If you are travelling from Cambridge by car, and can offer a space to anyone, please let us know so we can put you in touch with folk needing a lift.

If you do not have your own transport and would like a lift, please get in touch as we will be able to offer some spaces.

If you are relying on public transport, your best bet is to catch a bus to Bedford - the X5 from Parkside, Bay 16 at 10:10am. Then call us on 07879793739 for a lift from there to Yarl's Wood (about 3 miles)