Rally in front of detention centre in Calais, 22nd August

SATURDAY 22nd AUGUST from 2pm

In Calais since 2002 and the closure of the Red Cross centre at Sangatte many migrants
wander along the coast of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, hoping to find a way to get to England.

In Calais more that 1000 migrants live in the woods (the "jungle") and in squats, in
indescribable conditions.

The French Minister of Immigration Besson has announced the eradication of all the
jungles of Calais before the end of the year and he wants to make Calais a "migrant-free

In the last few days tension has been mounting in Calais. Following some alerts from
humanitarians on the sanitary conditions and the scabies epidemic which has been rampant for several months, a campaign of eradication will start on the 17th August with Médecin du Monde. At the same time the préfect of Calais has requisitioned some showers (5 for 1000 migrants!).

The No Border activists present in Calais since the No Border Camp in June call for
reinforcements to prevent the daily, systematic violence.

http://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com and

We call everyone to gather in front of Coquelles detention centre on Saturday 22nd August at 2pm

We denounce the migration policies of our European countries
We demand freedom of movement and settlement for everyone
We demand the closure of retention/detention centres and the opening of borders

- Come to denounce the illegitimacy of the tribunal at CRA Coquelles.
- Come to distribute leaflets to people who come to shop at "Cité Europe"
- Come to try and communicate with detainees
- Come to learn about the No Border camp in Lesbos
- Come to discuss, sing, shout, dance, make music, and picnic until the evening

The CRA of Coquelles is near the Boulevard du Kent roundabout and the Boulevard de
l'Europe roundabout,
in the southern part of the shopping centre "Cité Europe"
Autoroute exit 41
The map is here:


But it misses some recent buildings,
notably the "Electro-Dépot" warehouse next to the main entrance of the CRA, visible on
street view


Bus number 5 goes from the station to the "cité Europe" shopping centre.