Shahin Ghaydari

On Monday 17 July, 62-year-old Iranian refugee Shahin Ghaydari was detained after going to sign at Dallas Court Reporting Centre in Salford. She was taken to Yarl's Wood Detention Centre where she went on hunger strike refusing food and water for five days, the hottest days in British recorded history. She is very sick and also mentally ill. She was not allowed legal representation and has no solicitor.
The Home Office have now said she had been 'removed from the UK', i.e. deported and refused to give any information of her whereabouts. However the Iranian authorities say they have no record of her. She has effectively disappeared and her family and friends have no idea where she is and are understandably worried.

Please help by phoning the Home Office [0161 888 4149] and Yarl's Wood [01234 82 1000] and complain about this repressive behaviour of the Home Office and ask to know her whereabouts and demand her release.

(from North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group, tel.07779 189 794, email