Stop Deportation from Heathrow Today

Faridah Kenyini is due to be deported to UGANDA on TUESDAY 7th NOVEMBER on K101 Kenya Airlines to Entebbe leaving at 7pm.

As a lesbian, Ms Kenyini faces severe persecution if she returns to Uganda , both from her family and from the Ugandan government. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission has accused the present government of “a documented record of torture and abuse of lesbians and gay men.” In 1999 for example, five Ugandan gay and lesbian activists were tortured in secret government detention centres and forced to flee the country after the resident called for the arrest of “homosexuals”. On 8 August 2006 Ugandan tabloid ‘Red Pepper’ published a list of names of alleged homosexuals, prompting concerns by human rights groups of a fresh wave of crackdowns.

And yet the Home Office refuses to believe that Ms Kenyini is a lesbian, and this is why her claim for asylum has been refused. Ms Kenyini is an integral part of the lesbian community in Newcastle , and has a partner in this country. Fresh and compelling evidence has now come to light which would provide grounds for a fresh review of Ms Kenyini’s case. It would be a tragedy if she was deported before all the evidence was fully considered.

What YOU CAN do

We are asking that you call Kenyan airlines
UK on 01784 888 222, Fax 01784 888 311.

OR call Kenyan Airlines at Heathrow airport on
02087 597 366, Fax 02087 455 027

Faridah Kenyini is due to be deported to UGANDA on TUESDAY 7th NOVEMBER on K101 Kenya Airlines to ENTEBBE leaving at 7pm.

Tell them that Faridah is being forced onto the flight against her will. Say that she is very scared and distressed, and likely to cause distress to other passengers.

Past experience tells us that it is possible to stop someone being sent on a particular flight by contacting the airline they're due to be flying with. Airlines often say that they are not aware that asylum seekers are being deported on their flights. The airlines say they only know that the Home Office has booked a seat.
If Kenya Airlines think they're going to lose business by getting negative public attention they may well not send Faridah on Tuesday's flight.

2) CALL THE HOME OFFICE PRESS OFFICEAsk them if it is true that a vulnerable young woman is being sent back to Uganda against her will. The Home Office Press Office aims to maintain a positive image for the Home Office. They will not want bad publicity.You could also tell them that you heard about the case on the
Phone numbers of:
Immigration, International & Community
Assistant Director: 020 7035 3829
Immigration Desk
Wendy Fielder: 020 7035 3815
Jan Kemal: 020 7035 3821

Helen Bower: 020 7035 3816

Rachel Shaw 020 7035 3817

Try any of these. Start at the top and if they don't answer, work your way down the list!

3) CALL YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATIONPhone up during the talk hour (or their news 'desk') and tell them aboutFaridah's case and that she will be presecuted in Ugandabecause of her sexuality.
4) PASS THIS MESSAGE ON to your friends and colleagues. If you have time it would helo if you could let us know what action you have taken