Virtual Borders, NoBorders@Pogo Cafe

Talk and discussion by London NoBorders@Pogo cafe, 76 Clarence Road, London, E5 8HB, 7pm

While the migration regime is fortifying itself and setting up rings of
defence around European wealth, inner control is tightening to keep
public order, at a time where the nation state already seems to be a
dead corpse.

This talk and discussion will explore how the idea of "controlling a
nation state's" outer borders and inner control are connected. It will
also introduce into the idea of the planned demonstrations on Saturday 23rd January 2010. There will be two demonstrations on that day in London:

One will be at St. Pancras, where the UK (e-)border agency put up their controls in the middle of London. The second one will be at Piccadilly Circus where, while commuters, tourists and clubbers stare at the never-ending stream of commercials at ground level, they themselves are under constant observation by security and police in their cosy CCTV headquarters below ground.

Life is too short to be controlled!