Second Statement by Detainees in Campsfield

Detainees in Campsfield detention centre have issued another statement on their protest . 147 detainees are currently protesting by refusing meals at Campsfield immigration removal centre.
We appreciate all the effort and support we have received.
Today we continue to fight for our rights, today, all we detainees will continue to fight for liberty and security which is our fundamental rights.
It is unbelievable that a country so great that advocates human rights and liberty, eradicated slavery still practice such inhumane treatment of humans with equal rights in its backyard with the expectation that the whole world would be unaware of these treacherous nature adhered by the institutions.

Today we raise our voices until liberty is ours. Over 140 detainees have maintained the decision not to feed and sleep until our lives and the lives of our families are restored.
Until this moment, we have not been contacted by the UK Border Agency or Immigration in respect to our protest. The onsite immigration have hidden away and refused to engage in any communication or dialogue. This is evidently a sign of weakness by UKBA and an acceptance that our cry is for a good reason.
We read that in media that we have vending machines and onsite medical services. It is evident that the Immigration is not in touch with fundamental issues we are facing. Our lives are at risk, we have no freedom or liberty, we are been tortured, yet Immigration speaks about vending machine. These are malicious claims in an attempt to deny or play down the gravity of our determination. Can any vending machine feed 140 people?
Our lives and liberty should be considered like the rest of the 6 billion humans in the world. Our families are undergoing pain, our cases should be reviewed frequently, our detention should be justifiable, we should be given time for adequate judicial proceedings, we should not be detained indefinitely.
In July 2010 Honourable Justice Silber ruled that the fast-track policy was "unlawful and must be quashed”, however, the UK Border Agency still indulge in the fast track policy which is against the ruling of Honourable Justice Silber.
We put this question to all. Can it ever be justifiable for any organisation, institution or country to detain any human being with family (wife and children) for 3 years with?
We are also aware that there is a possibility that our efforts will be suppressed and not channelled to the appropriate body or government, however, we will continue to fight with everyday.
We all would humbly request that the parliament and cabinet address our heartily concerns as our wives, children, and we detainees are all dying, very slowly.
Tonight, we would all sleep outside on the grass floor and would refuse to sleep indoors. We deserve to be heard and until such time, we fight.                  
In spite of all, it is our believe that people are good at heart and should be giving a right to life.
Our humble selves - Detainees
On behalf of all detainees